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Nusa Penida is a beautiful tourism destination which is located near southeast the already famous Bali, bordered by Badung Strait. Be well informed for Nusa Penida tour so you will not miss out awesome places once you visit Bali especially if you want to add more water attraction experience. It is a small island with scenic view stretching over its landscape.

Overview of Nusa Penida Island

Before deciding to visit the island, it is better to recognize general condition of the place so you can make best out of your Nusa Penida tour. Hills and rocky soil are two major views in the island. You will find Mount Mundi, the highest hill which is located in Nusa Penida district.

It is a tropic island with noticeable difference on wet and dry season. There is no river on the district but spring as water source. However, the locals there have peculiar traditional way in saving water. They build containers which are locally known as cubang. These containers keep the water supply for people from the pouring rain.

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Access and Facilities

Know the access and facilities for Nusa Penida tour. The site is accessible from its neighboring Bali. The most generally used harbor to reach Nusa Penida is Sanur Harbor. It takes only about 30 minutes to get to the destination by fast boat. Tourists can simply get the fast boat tickets from provider offices around the harbor. The ticket costs around 350.000 rupiahs for a passenger. However, due to the high interest of the tourists, it is advised to order the ticket days before.
Besides fast boat, traditional boat can also be used to reach Nusa Penida. It takes about 60 minutes to get there. This alter to the previous route is provided by Tribuana Harbor which is on Kusambe Beach, Klungkung Bali. From Klungkung, tourists still have an alter route. The Pesinggahan Beach Harbor provides boats that will take tourists to Buyuk Harbor in Nusa Penida. For those who want to travel in backpacker style, try to go boat from Padang Bai Harbor. The ticket is relatively cheap. Moreover, we can take private vehicles along by paying extra charge. Always check for your scheduled departure to Nusa Penida and contact the ticket providers to avoid running out.

Meanwhile, to get around Nusa Penida, you can simply rent a car. By paying for 700 thousands rupiahs, tourists can stroll around the site with the assistance of local driver. Motorcycle can also be rent to your convenience. The cost is around 75 thousand rupiahs. However, if you want to be more associated with the locals and the cultures, try to get on public transportation. It is a minibus-like that take you to tourism attraction around the island.

The increasing growth of tourist visits makes local officials develop basic facilities and improve spatial arrangement around the island for a more comfort and safe trip. Damaged roads are continued to be repaired, more parking spaces and toilets are set.

In accommodation sector, this ‘blue paradise island’ offers range of hotel variety to meet your needs. For a homey atmosphere, you can choose bungalows around the island. Air conditioner, bathroom, wardrobes, public swimming pools, and internet are featured in these places. Some spots also offer beautiful view right in front of your door. Tourists can also opt for backpacker style homestay during the visit. It is easy to find locals who provide spaces for visitors with budget-friendly cost. Some of them even promote their places on travelling application.

Tourism Objects in Nusa Penida

This small island is said to be the golden egg of Bali. Although some spots might be unfamiliar, they are definitely worthy for a visit. The scene clearly shows raw, untouched beautiful nature. Where to visit for Nusa Penida tour? Here are some fine selections of tourist attractions around the island.

The Broken Beach

The broken beach or locally known as Pasih Uug is one of the most interesting objects in Nusa Penida. There is circular cliff which is broken on one of its part, making it similar to a shape of tunnel allowing the blue water flows to the ocean.

This incredible landscape Mother Nature naturally forms is located in Bunga Mekar Village, Nusa Penida District. The roads to this place might be bumpy and steep, but the effort along the way is really paid off by the scenery.

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Angel’s Billabong

It is beauty and challenge in one package. Before you get to the stunning view, you must go down through a steep rocky cliff. It is actually a debouchment that ends at the ocean. Once you get to the spot, you will see a mesmerizing view of the turquoise shade of fresh, gleaming clear water. It is allowed to dip into the fresh water but remain alert for the possibility of high wave.

Angel’s Billabong is located in Sakti Village, Nusa Penida, Klungkung District.


Toyapakeh Beach is a wonderful destination located in Toyapakeh Village, Klungkung district. There are numerous attractions to do and see around the beach besides the beautiful white sand over the landscape. Tourists can see local fishermen’ activities such as harvesting seaweed. The sand is just fine for playing beach volleyball. Diving in into the sea, you will find the right spot for snorkeling. Said to be one among the best snorkeling place around the island, you can see abundance of coral and variety colorful fish within just 5 meters of depth.

This village can only be reached by water transportation. You can opt for ferry or traditional boat. Save some extra budget to get on speedboat or cruise ship to get there faster and more comfortable.

Crystal Bay

If you want to enjoy exquisite beauty of a beach quietly, Crystal Bay is an option. Even though it is popular for its sea life, the spot is crowd-free with only few people visiting. Still, the number of visitors will be pretty much higher when it comes to holiday season. The beach still offers soothing atmosphere, though.

Seganing Falls

If you seek for a more challenging adventure, the road path through Seganing Falls has something to offer. You have to walk across rocky, steep, yet slippery path for about thirty minutes. Be well prepared if you decide to go there for the challenging track is bordered only with small wooden fences, separating it from giant rock wall on the other side. The breath-taking path, still offers some scenic spots you can enjoy while trying to get to Seganing Falls.

The scenery of crystal-clear water streams down the cliff niche really pays of the hard track.

Wildlife Conservation

Beach views are not only Nusa Penida is famous for. The island is also known for wildlife conservation. Do not miss this on your Nusa Penida tour. World’s environmentalists pleasantly welcome the transformation of large part of Nusa Penida land to be wildlife conservation. It is a home for numerous protected bird species. Among them is Bali starling, which has recently face a serious threat extinction. There are also rainbow bee-eater, Asia kestrel, white browed crake, little spider hunter, Javan munia, and other great number of species. It is not only a safe place for bird, but also a home for invertebrates, amphibian, and reptiles.

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