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Nusa Penida is a small island located on the south coast Bali. The two are bordered by Badung Strait along the line. Many have not discovered that Nusa Penida offered a significant beauty of beach view. Nusa Penida beach is generally crowd-free, pristine, and friendly for snorkeling.

Even though it said to be less popular than Bali, officials record increasing number of tourists visiting in recent years. Due to the growing interest and developing tourism potential of Nusa Penida beach, new facilities are being set and repaired. Do not have to worry about the availability of clean water, transportation, or parking area. If you travel on budget, you can adjust accommodation to stay there. Bungalow to backpacker-style homestay are available there.

What to Expect from Nusa Penida Beach?

You fill find a carpet of white sand before crystal clear water. In some spots, it is allowed to dip in the fresh water. Still, remain alert for the possibility of high wave. Besides the scenic view, each beach has its own thing. Tourists may get mesmerized by abundance of coral and collection of colorful fish in one beach. Another place let you see local fishermen activities around the beach.

Many consider Nusa Penida as raw beauty. However it is also can be related to the track heading to the beach which has not been exposed to infrastructure. Prepare yourself for rocky path along the way. The beach view will pay off everything, though.

Local guide can be a big help for a more effective trip around the island. You do not want to miss the beauty of Nusa Penida beach because of being confused or lost every time you try to reach a destination.

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Must Visit List in Nusa Penida

Said to be the golden egg of Bali, Nusa penida has numerous beautiful beaches. The following are selections for you to visit on your Nusa Penida trip.

Broken Beach

Located on Bunga Mekar Village, the southwestern part of Nusa Penida Island, Broken beach has distinguish spot in the area. It is the arch form of rock on circular cliff that frames the water. Locally known as Pasih Uug, the beach is a perfect spot for photographers and travelers. Another things worth to seek from this place is the giant manta which occasionally is spotted swimming around just under the surface of the water. You will also find grey long-tailed macaques around the Broken beach as it is also home for this southeast Asia-originated primate.

Prepare yourself for a little adventure on the track heading to this beautiful mother nature. The road is rocky. Visitors can opt for a motorbikes which are rent around the place.

Kelingking Beach

It is another package of beauty and adventure. Before enjoying the stunning beach view, you must pass through challenging down hill road. There are no permanent railings set. However, the heavenly white sand and turquoise shade of clear water are really worthy for all the efforts. Another notable landscape of this beach is the cliff side that shapes like T-Rex, making this place very popular among the world’s travelers. It is definitely a great spot to just enjoy or for some good pictures. This seluded beach is located on Bunga Mekar Village, Nusa Penida.

Crystal Bay Beach

Crystal beach is a scenic, friendly beach which is suitable for some interesting activities. The water is safe for dipping in or snorkeling. The quietness, coral sand carpet, and lines of palm trees makes this place also the right place to relax. The sunset view is also amazing from here, ones what the visitors wait for.

Atuh Beach

Atuh beach is located in Pejukutan, South Eastern coast of Nusa Penida. After going through rocky path and stairs, a stunning view of white sand and clear water will welcome you. There are cliffs stand tall and some rock formations. The most distuingish spot is the arch-like rock. Visitors can spend some time to relax, enjoy the fresh water, or snorkel. Do not miss the chance to enjoy dramatic scene of sunset and sunrise from here. After the long track through the spot, you can sit back and relax on the chaises. There are also traditional vendors selling drinks and snacks around the place.

Suwehan Beach

Another secluded beach with breathtaking scenery in Nusa Penida is Suwehan Beach. It is most noteable for the blue water. Suwehan beach is a must visit spot once you are in Klungkung. Located in Tanglad village, the beach offers peaceful holiday atmosphere. A large stone with a shape of triangle marks this place. Because it lies far down the cliff, there are no roads which are accessible to pass by vehicle. Prepare yourself to walk through stairs.

The beach uniqueness also comes from the adjacent springs which are believed to be holy places. Because of this belief, visitors are expected to wear proper dressing to cross the area. Additionally, it is not allowed to wash feet in the springs.

Toyapakeh Beach

Toyapakeh beach is located in Toyapakeh village, a beautiful spot with shade of trees. The beach has white sand and clear water. Beside the scenic view, Toyapakeh beach is also among best spots for diving in Nusa Penida. It is mola-mola, ancient fish that becomes one of the major attraction to dive here. The fish is found around July to November. If you are lucky, you will spot this gigantic fish. Diving into the water, you will witness abundance of beautiful coral in colors. Around the beach, visitors can see local fishermen activities. Not only they catch fish, but also cultivate seaweed.

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Beach and Accommodation

Although beaches in Nusa Penida are said to be secluded, it is not difficult to find tourist accommodations. Hotels are almost in every spot near Nusa Penida beaches. Check the web to check facilities, compare prices and find review from previous visitors around the globe. Beach hotels in the island are comfortable with complete facilities. Certainly they offer particular specialty to the guests. Do not have to worry about the place for staying during the trip to this small island. There are always safe, comfortable place to rest and relax after a whole day tour.

For those who want to be more engaged with the nature, Nusa Penida offers a set of beach resort. They have gorgeous sight to the beach and around, right before your eyes. Visitors will be pampered by the mix of traditional style, modernity, yet luxury inside the resort. Moreover, there are plenty of attractions around like beach volleyball, horse-riding, and cycling.

Meanwhile, if you opt for homey atmosphere, you can decide to spend nights at beach homestay. It is not just an ordinary home because they are also provided with good facilities to make guests comfortable. There are sets of good deals suitable to your budget.

Most of these places are generally located minutes away from beach attractions. If Nusa Penida Beach tour is the main reason you come to the island, staying at these beach accommodations will help you to make the trip more effective. Later, you can have extra time to stroll around another interesting spot around Nusa Penida, such as souvenir shop, traditional grocery store, or temple.

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