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Nusa Penida is a small island, part of the famous Bali. It is located near the southeast Bali, bordered by Badung street. It is truly a destination for beach enthusiasts, wildlife seekers, and snorkeling lovers. For first timers, find out guidelines on tourism tour and Nusa Penida snorkeling overview to make the best out of the trip.

The small island Nusa Penida is said to be one of the most magnificent places to snorkel. The spots there not only provides stunning view but also friendly water, amazing underwater scene, and adventures. Its raw beauty and pristine nature landscape make the island as destination for adventurous, yet tranquil trip.

You may hear set of recommendations of beach for snorkeling. Here are Nusa Penida snorkeling overview for you trip to this island called The Golden Egg of Bali.

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Famous Nusa Penida Snorkeling Spots

Our Nusa Penida Snorkeling Overview will first reveal must-visit spots during your trip. There are selections located on adjacent places. However, still, you need to make some arrangement to make your trip effective and enjoyable.

Manta Point

The first spot is Manta point. To get there, you will need to join a tour, either way you start from the mainland Bali or you are already in one of Nusa islands. Some main tour providers can be easily reached and booked online to your convenience. These tours will take you to this beautiful place which is surrounded by natural cascades.

Given its name, spotting manta rays are the most-seek attraction from snorkeling at this spot. However, it involves some luck to spot these fish. Some who are lucky enough will witness a group of manta rays playfully glide through the water. Although these creatures are not dangerous, always try to manage a safe distance. Snorkeling with manta ray is said to be magical experience surely you do not want to miss.

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This tourism attractiin is in Toyapakeh Village. The village itself is a beautiful area surrounded by trees. There are plenty of amusing activities  can do around Toyapakeh beach. While enjoying the scenic view, visitors can play volleyball, riding bicycle, witness seaweed cultivation, and snorkeling.

Snorkeling in Toyapakeh becomes one of the most seek for because the underwater life of abundant corals, and colorful fish. Divers can also spot witness an amazing life under the water by spotting turtles, scorpion, barracuda, stone fish, and so much more. The place is also a home for an ancient species fish, mola-mola. For first timers, Toyapakeh is a right place to start. The water is friendly for all level, even beginners.

It takes twenty minutes to get to Toyapakeh, one of the best sites in Nusa Penida Island from Padangbai by speedboat.

Gamat Beach

Once you visit Toyapakeh, do not miss the appealing Gamat Beach Point which is located just near the area. Gamat Beach also offers wonderful snorkeling experience for tourists. The crystal water and corals under it are as far as you can see. There are variety of fish swimming around corals. It is indeed a home for numbers of fish, including stingray. However, underwater activities here are advised for advanced divers due to the heavier current. Do not have to worry though, because spots around the area are safe and suitable for family vacation.

The quiet, peaceful atmosphere with lines of palm trees simply fits the untouched, natural beauty. It is a heavenly place for adventure and relaxation.

The access to Gamat Beach can be reached by speedboat. From Sanur, you can go straight to Nusa Penida. It is on the southern part of Toyapakeh.

Crystal Bay

Another snorkeling spot in Nusa Penida is the Crystal Bay. The water is crystal-clear, very inviting to jump in. for safety reason, snorkeling in Crystal Bay is recommended for advanced level only. It is because the current is unstable. Jumping into the water of Crystal Bay, you will see an array of healthy, well-maintained coral reefs along with fish playfully swim around. Lucky divers will likely spot manta ray, and kinds of sharks which are sometime found swimming there. When the water is cold, mola-mola the ancient giant fish is occasionally spotted. It is around July to September. Swimming with mola-mola, the so-called the Sunfish is one of magical experiences. The fish can 3 meters of length and 2000 kilograms of weight.

Crystal Bay is not only popular for snorkeling. Another unique attraction in this place is the cave where bats live there, precisely on the upper side of the wall cave. Unfortunately, it is not easy to closely locate the cave since the path along the way is difficult.

After a whole day of snorkeling adventure, visitors can savor panoramic sunset in Crystal beach. This secluded beach with the view of crystal water, white sand and palm is a perfect tranquil place.

Nusa Penida Snorkeling Tour and Accommodation

It is better to join a tour group when you want to hit snorkeling places around the island. There are numbers of snorkeling tour providers you can easily find, including online. These providers facilitate the trip to popular snorkeling spots complete with trained staffs and all equipment needed for jumping into the water. In one day, you will be able to snorkel in the most recommended snorkeling spots in the island. Life jackets and other devices to float are included to encourage beginners who may have not felt comfortable under the water. Some tour providers even facilitate more details like towel, drinks, and bread crumbs for feeding fish.

The tour service even begins from where you stay. Some providers pick you up early in the morning for a whole day tour. Although Nusa Penida is famous for an untouched beauty, accommodation is not difficult to find. Moreover, there are range of selections which can be adjusted to your budget, trip style preference, and destinations. Prestigious hotels are easily found close to tourism objects.

If you opt for more casual stay and be more engaged to nature, you can choose to stay in bungalows or beach resort. Besides savoring the ambience of local tradition and modernity, visitors can also enjoy interesting activities around beaches such as volleyball, horse riding, and cycling. Certain beach also allows tourists to watch local fishermen cultivate seaweed. For a more budget-friendly travel, visitors can opt for homestay. There are rooms available around tourism attractions which are provided by local for visitors to rent.

Meanwhile, public facilities are objects for improvement. With the high interest from visitors around the world, officials intend to add more basic public facilities to make Nusa Penida a more comfortable and safe tourist destination. Parking area, public toilets, and track barriers are among them. Continued improvement is expected to draw more arrivals.

Nusa Penida snorkeling tour should be part of your watersport experience. The spots allow you to enjoy adventure yet tranquility at the same time. Snorkeling spots in this small island are relatively safe for all level. However, recognize a spot before you jump into the water. Ask your providers about the current since certain water is recommended for advanced level. Remain alert for the changing current and make sure you have all safety equipment needed. All good preparation will make the best out of your trip.

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